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Ogdens Brewery

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Ogdens Brewery - EST // 2018

Something has been brewing at The Windsor Hotel. Our Singapore room is no longer and in 2018 the Garden Bar launched it’s newest project - Ogden’s Brewery.

Lead by the father & son pair Geofrey and William Ogden plus head brewer Damien Bussemaker, Ogdens Microbrewery intends to provide both Windsor regulars and craft brewing aficionados with freshly brewed, delicious craft beer made right on the premises.

Check out all of the changes to our soon to be brewery as they happen… as well as a flash of our brand new head brewer Damo!

 Head brewer Damien Bussemaker.

Head brewer Damien Bussemaker.

Meet Damo,
Our Head Brewer!

After 5 years at Elmars in the Valley and another at MASH Brewing as head brewer - Damo finds himself at the Windsor Hotel heading our Ogdens Microbrewery. While the beer isn’t quite ready yet, Damo has been hands on, helping on site as the brewery takes shape.


Watch the brewery take shape!