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Ogdens Brewery

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Ogdens Brewery - EST // 2018

Something has been brewing at The Windsor Hotel. Our Singapore room is no longer and in 2018 The Garden Bar launched it’s newest project - Ogdens Brewery.

Lead by the father & son pair Geofrey and William Ogden plus head brewer Damien Bussemaker, Ogdens Microbrewery intends to provide both Windsor regulars and craft brewing aficionados with freshly brewed, delicious craft beer made right on the premises. We have 8 new brews on tap in all sections of the venue, ready for you to try. See our menu below.

Meet Damo, Our Head Brewer!

After 5 years at Elmars in the Valley and another at MASH Brewing as head brewer - Damo finds himself at the Windsor Hotel heading our Ogdens Microbrewery. Damo has been busy at work with our new brews including a Lager, German Ale, Session Ale and many more on the way!

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King Kolsch | Kolsch | 4.8%

A classic German Pale ale. The style hails from the Cologne region in Germany. This ale is fermented at cooler temperatures to produce a less fruity ale character and is clear and attractive in appearance.

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Southside Session | Session Ale | 4.0%

Interpretation of lower ABV ale that is light in alcohol but very high in flavour. Hop presence (flavour and aroma) is quite notable and bitterness is low. It is light gold to copper in appearance.


Espy IPA | Indian Pale Ale | 6.8%

A classic West Coast American IPA. It is assertively bitter with a very prominent hop flavour and aroma. This brew is similar to an American Pale Ale but stronger in all aspects.

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Oggy's Pale Ale | Pale Ale | 5.5%

A classic American Pale ale, these range from medium bitterness to assertively bitter with a prominent US hop flavour and aroma. This beer is made with pale malt and a small amount of colour malts. This ale has aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and stone fruit.

Arctic Lager | Lager | 4.8%

Very refreshing and drinkable with its crisp and clean lager characteristics (no fruity esters or diacetyl). It has a firm bitterness and a medium, noble hop character, in this case Hallertau and Tettnanger. True German style of beer uses ‘noble’ hops. Straw to gold in colour.

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Dark Lager | German Dark Lager | 5.0%

Our take on a German Dark Lager is super smooth, with no bitterness. It is bready, full bodied and rich. The colour is derived from German debittered black malt.

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Mends St Ale | German Ale | 5.0%

Based on a classic German Altbier from the Altstadt in Dusseldorf ‘Alt’ meaning old and ‘stadt’ for town. A malty beer with prominent Munich malt (toasty and bready) flavours that are well supported by assertive bitterness.

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Light Lager | Light Lager | 3.5%

Like the Arctic Lager but lighter in body and more restrained in flavour, it is also lower in bitterness. Australian malts and lower amounts of hops make this beer very enjoyable in the summer months. Low on bitterness and very thirst quenching.

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