Wank Bank Masterclass

The Australian artist who created an art book from his happy ending massages in New York City brings you an informative, interactive and playful masterclass of original techniques to perfect the art of handling your partner's member (or even your own). Enjoy waves of adolescent laughter and be prepared to end up in a hilarious circle jerk with carrots and cucumbers.

Nominated Best Production Green Room Awards 2018
Winner of Best Interactive Show Adelaide Fringe 2017
Winner of Most Provocative Show Stockholm Fringe 2017
"A natural performer, charming and very funny" The Guardian, 2016
"Stimulating and possibly life-changing show" ★★★★★ Broadway Baby, 2016

About the show:

Adam Seymour's, aka Rural Ranga's, artistic career spans visual and performance art. After exhibiting in NYC at MoMA PS1 he decided to create the award-winning and critically acclaimed Wank Bank Masterclass, which has been performed in London, Los Angeles, NYC, Edinburgh Fringe and all states of Australia.

Seymour is recognised for his uniquely playful approach, exploring themes of sex, humour and satire with his dynamic personality. He uses visual art as an effective medium to demonstrate his fascination with human behavior and psychology. In his spare time he works freelance in illustration, painting, performance and printmaking.

His most recent work was a collaboration with his cousin Strawberry Siren with the award nominated show Pussy Play Masterclass.


Wednesday 30th Jan, 2019. 8:45pm

Thursday 31th Feb, 2019. 8:45pm

Friday, 1st Feb, 2019. 8:45pm

Saturday 2nd Feb, 2019. 8:45pm


Pussy Play Masterclass

Ever made a pussy out of plasticine? Now is the time to get up close and personal with our vulvas and the crowds are hungry for it. Burlesque legend Strawberry Siren presents a gift that keeps on giving in Pussy Play, an interactive and playful masterclass filled with original techniques to perfect the art of playing with your partner's pussy or even your own.

Nominated for Best Comedy Show at FRINGE WORLD Festival 2018
Weekly Winner and Nominated Best Interactive Show Adelaide Fringe 2017
"Mandatory viewing" ★★★★ Ed Fest Mag, 2017.
"A gift that keeps on giving" - ★★★★ ½ Great Scott!

About the show:

Born in the rural town of Albury N.S.W, this fiery red-head started her performance career in the world-renowned Flying Fruit Fly Circus at the tender age of 11. Once she had a taste for the world of entertainment she never looked back! After graduating from the circus she found herself in the magical world of Narnia, where she performed in the Theatre Production of the C.S Lewis classic The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The Glitz and Glamour didn't stop there.... in 2007 she launched onto the burlesque stage, where her years of theatre, dance and acrobatic training landed her the title of Miss Burlesque Australia in 2013. This strawberry haired showgirl is now educating audiences in "Pussy Play" where getting your juices flowing is all part of a day's work.


Wednesday 30th Jan, 2019. 7:30pm

Thursday 31th Feb, 2019. 7:30pm

Friday, 1st Feb, 2019. 7:30pm

Saturday 2nd Feb, 2019. 7:30pm




Not ready for the end of Game of Thrones?
Neither is GoT tragic and self-styled "Mother of Kittens" Natalie Bochenski, writer of the popular Raven On recap series. Now, she's bringing nine years of fangirl devotion to the stage to get final season fit. 
Relive seven seasons of beloved characters and traumatic events, speculate on who will ultimately win the Iron Throne, and hear about that time Natalie really embarrassed herself in front of Khal Drogo.
A must-see for GoT fans, and anyone who's ever had a worrying obsession with Jon Snow. 
Natalie has recapped Game of Thrones since 2012, with her 2013 to 2015 recaps appearing in Fairfax Digital mastheads.

She has appeared at FRINGE WORLD in the sellout hits "Speed: The Movie, The Play" (2017) and "Love/Hate Actually" (2018).

Wednesday 6th Feb, 2019. 7:00pm

Thursday 7th Feb, 2019. 7:00pm

Friday, 8th Feb, 2019. 7:00pm

Saturday 9th Feb, 2019. 7:00pm

Sunday 10th Feb, 2019. 7:00pm


2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick: A Dirk Darrow Investigation

SOLD OUT RUN - Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival 2015 - 2017
"BEST OF FEST" Award - London Fringe 2014, Edmonton Fringe 2015 & 17, Winnipeg Fringe 2013 & 14, Saskatoon Fringe 2015, and Victoria Fringe 2012
"FUNNIEST SHOW" Award - London Fringe, 2014

"CRITIC'S PICK" - Cincinnati Fringe, 2013

Wowing crowds the world over, this hilarious gumshoe is part-comedian, part mind-reader, part magician, part storyteller, and all gritty retro 1930's film-noir! Think Boardwalk Empire meets Naked Gun meets Derren Brown.

About the show:

Philadelphia native Tim Motley has performed professionally in 47 countries, as a comedian, a mentalist, a magician, an actor, a radio show host, and a variety performer. He is most well known from his hit shows “Dirk Darrow: NCSSI”, “2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Jaded Dick”, “Prohibition”, and “6 Quick Dick Tricks”. In these, Tim plays his signature character Dirk Darrow, a film-noir detective with some cool tricks of the trade that happen to sometimes resemble feats of magic and mentalism. He has created and toured internationally 9 completely different shows to date, and has also been a stand-up comedian, a cruise ship mentalist, and a competitive improvisor. Tim has also been a radio DJ for RRR Melbourne and URE England, and has currently misplaced his keys and his sense of propriety.


Wednesday 6th Feb, 2019. 8:30pm

Thursday 7th Feb, 2019. 8:30pm

Friday, 8th Feb, 2019. 8:30pm

Saturday 9th Feb, 2019. 8:30pm

Sunday 10th Feb, 2019. 5:00pm



Parasites Lost by Alanta Colley

Alanta Colley has travelled the world delivering health education in remote communities. She's also managed to contract most of the world's least pleasant parasites. Essentially she's terrible at her job. Come on an adventure across the world and through Alanta's intestine and learn about some of the world's cheekiest micro-organisms.

About the show:

Alanta Colley is a science communicator, comedian and a bee keeper. An international public health practitioner, Alanta has worked in HIV prevention, sanitation and Malaria reduction in Kenya, Uganda, Cambodia and Timor Leste. Now a science communicator and comedian, Alanta is on of the founders of Sci Fight Science Comedy debate, and has toured her first solo show Parasites Lost to Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and even performed it for the Gates Foundation in Seattle. Parasites Lost sold out the entire run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2017. This year she performed her second solo show 'Days of our Hives' all about bee keeping and bee losing. This is her first time ever performing in FRINGE WORLD!


Wednesday 13th Feb, 2019. 7:00pm

Thursday 14th Feb, 2019. 7:00pm

Friday, 15th Feb, 2019. 7:00pm

Saturday, 16th Feb, 2019. 7:00pm



Underemployment: A show about not enough work and way too much TV

127 hours of Mythbusters, 
25 hours of Hannibal, 
12 hours of The Handmaid's Tale, 
11 hours of Glow, 
10 hours of The IT Crowd, 
6.5 hours of Nailed It, 
5 hours of Final Space, 
3 employers, 
2 degrees, 
1 woman, 
No work.

Keren's been running the Centrelink gauntlet, browsing SEEK, binge-watching Netflix, and weathering rejection with the grace of a three-legged elephant. And now she's written a show about it. It's a tale of online applications, too-tight pants, healthcare cards, bronchitis, blown gaskets, voluntary nudity, and bunnies.

Written and performed by Pupperotica's Keren Schlink
Directed by Jessica Messenger
Produced by Clara Loveny


Wednesday 13th Feb, 2019. 8:30pm

Thursday 14th Feb, 2019. 8:30pm

Friday, 15th Feb, 2019. 8:0pm

Saturday, 16th Feb, 2019. 8:30pm