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Underemployment: A show about not enough work and way too much TV

127 hours of Mythbusters, 
25 hours of Hannibal, 
12 hours of The Handmaid's Tale, 
11 hours of Glow, 
10 hours of The IT Crowd, 
6.5 hours of Nailed It, 
5 hours of Final Space, 
3 employers, 
2 degrees, 
1 woman, 
No work.

Keren's been running the Centrelink gauntlet, browsing SEEK, binge-watching Netflix, and weathering rejection with the grace of a three-legged elephant. And now she's written a show about it. It's a tale of online applications, too-tight pants, healthcare cards, bronchitis, blown gaskets, voluntary nudity, and bunnies.

Written and performed by Pupperotica's Keren Schlink
Directed by Jessica Messenger
Produced by Clara Loveny